we are

A Privately Held Pharmaceutical Company
Focused On Advancing Innovative Transdermal Medicine.


Expertise and Experience

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, and led by a proven management team with extensive experience in product selection, formulation and development, 505(b)(2) technical transfer, scale up and manufacture of transdermal medicine, Greene Street is focused on safe and innovative transdermal products that avoid GI metabolism, leading to fewer GI effects and improving drug delivery for patients with swallowing difficulties.


Capacity and Capability

Offering a combination of development expertise and small-scale direct manufacture (>3m patches annually), Greene Street has the capability, structure and skill-set required to fully develop each portfolio product in-house. With robust development capabilities and defined processes, we utilize the sourcing of APIs directly from our long-standing network of commercial suppliers, as well as carry out human skin permeation studies and conduct full clinical studies with our key partner, removing the need to contract out any development work.

The Result

Greene Street offers vetted and selected high value Transdermal Innovative Products that can significantly reduce first pass effects, and which can be taken to market confidently. With extensive focus on the 505(b)(2) (US) and Hybrid (EU) markets, which offer favorable times to gain approval of just 12-14 months, and market exclusivity periods of 2-5 years, Greene Street’s market position is catalyzed by:

  • Direct access to a network of key industry experts
  • Low operating expenses via our unique operating model
  • Ability to carry out rapid screening of TiP products
  • Detailed candidate screening, viability and selection via the utilization of technology
  • Global network for API sources that have a DMF from FDA inspected facilities
  • All development and testing operations are conducted in-house
  • Outstanding relationship with a world class CRO for clinical studies

Our management team brings considerable experience in product selection,
development, technical transfer and manufacture.

Frank C. Jones, III

Chief Executive Officer

Frank has more than 30 years of experience, including executive positions at both domestic and international pharmaceutical companies in various executive positions. As co-founder of ProSolus Pharmaceuticals, a transformative transdermal company, Frank helped build the organization and develop lasting and strategic partnerships for numerous transdermal products. After a successful acquisition by Mission Pharmacal in 2015, the initial work at ProSolus continues.

As co-founder of Greene Street Pharmaceuticals, Frank continues to capitalize on his extensive experience and find innovative products that make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and physicians. Degreed in chemistry and biology, Frank is involved with all aspects of Greene Street's upward trajectory.

William Charles Dixon

Chief Operating Officer

Bill is a lawyer who has, for nearly 30 years, focused on business support, entrepreneurial development and start-ups. He was a co-founder of ProSolus Pharmaceuticals, which focused on transdermal products and was acquired by Mission Pharmacal.

Bill was also a co-founder of SCILEX Pharmaceuticals, another company that focused on transdermal delivery systems and was acquired by Sorrento Therapeutics. ​As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Greene Street Pharmaceuticals, Bill enjoys collaborating on projects that can have an immediate and positive impact on the lives of patients and physicians.


Our technical team are academically accredited, and bring considerable expertise in formulation.

Christine Rittenhouse

Director of R&D

Master Degree in BioMed from Geisinger Medical School

  • Lead Formulator
  • BS in Boilogy
  • MS in Biomed

Bryan Jones

Director of Manufacturing

Bachelor Degree in Business from Delaware Valley University

Zonia Rueda

Quality Assurance Manager

Master Degree in BioMed from Geisinger Medical School

Jayne McCain

Production Assistant

  • Lead Formulator
  • BS in Business
  • Formerly established an OTC business
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sanjay Batra

Dr. Batra obtained his PhD in medical physiology from the University of Ottawa, Canada and completed post-doctoral training in Japan and Switzerland. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and also an Adjunct Professor at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Batra has 25 years of global healthcare and entrepreneurial experience in start-ups, biotech and large pharma including 10 years in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, culminating as Vice President, R&D Pharmaceuticals, Asia-Pacific and Japan. Dr. Batra has been directly involved in over 80 clinical trials in all phases of development.

Our unique model enables us to carry out every aspect of the product development process in-house. We take all TiPs® through pre-clinical development, clinical trials and support of regulatory applications on to commercialization.

Greene Street


Greene Street has a laser focus on identifying impactful products, the formulation of TiPs®, and the creation of robust product development processes that can be scaled effectively for our partners.

Greene Street


Greene Street also offers a full range of manufacturing capabilities, with a focus on the manufacture of all transdermal supplies for clinical studies, registration batches for regulatory approvals and even commercialization.