Introducing Transdermals

Introducing Transdermals!

The most common routes of drug delivery are the oral and parenteral routes, however, both have inherent limitations which can often be overcome by advanced methodologies such as transdermal drug delivery (TDD).

Whether due to rapid degradation in the stomach rendering oral doses impractical, or low acceptance and fear from the invasive nature of injections, the conventional routes of medication are far from perfect for every scenario and patient.

Welcome, transdermal drug delivery. A painless method of delivering drugs systemically by applying a formulation directly onto the skin. Also known as “patches”, they are designed to deliver a therapeutically effective amount of a drug to the human skin, which by its nature and scale make it a perfect surface for drug delivery.

Often containing a backing layer to protect against water and the outside environment, a drug reservoir on a semipermeable membrane to control the release of the drug, and an adhesive to hold the patch onto skin, these medicated patched deliver drugs through the stratum corneum and deeper epidermis, to the dermal layer where it is absorbed directly to the bloodstream at a predetermined rate.

Painless yet effective.

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