Transdermal Vaccinations?

Transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS) have many advantages and represent an excellent alternative to oral delivery and hypodermic injections, but can they be another alternative for the delivery of vaccinations?

Previously limited by the inability of some drugs to enter the skin at therapeutically useful rates, the recent use of micron-scale needles in increasing skin permeability has shown to dramatically increase transdermal delivery, which opens the door for many more permutations of use.

Microneedle TDDS patches can now be fabricated to deliver virus vaccines and potentially provide a viable alternative to conventional, nurse-administered methods.  With the additional benefit of cost reduction and sharp-waste reduction, these advantages make TDDS-based vaccine delivery an especially well-suited option for the treatment of widespread viral infectious diseases including pandemics.

With mass-scale vaccination pushes requiring huge manpower to roll out, and with vaccine hesitancy a continual issue for many populations, hopefully, transdermals will soon be a new armor in the medical arsenal.